When one is better than two:

FAQs about one-piece vs “standard” implants for same-day tooth replacement

True to our name, we are All About Beautiful Smiles and all about supporting the best experience in transforming your life through advanced dentistry. Fittingly, Dr.Tejumade St. Matthew-Daniel is pleased to offer one-piece dental implants as a minimally-invasive, efficient (same-day), painless, and money-saving alternative to replace teeth among those individuals who may have been told that they are not good candidates for “standard” implants.

At our office in Orlando, Florida, you can enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry for tooth replacement. Avoid the expense, hassle, bone grafting, and other preparatory procedures associated with more invasive, larger-diameter, and “two-piece” implants.

Get Your FAQs Answered

What makes one-piece implants different?

These implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone as a single unit. Their standard counterparts include two pieces: the implant itself and a connector or “abutment.” This means we can restore the implants faster, even the same day as they are inserted. The one-piece feature supports faster recovery and less time spent at the dentist’s office for additional procedures and follow-up visits. Also, these implants come in various sizes, including a few smaller-diameter options. These smaller parts, intended to serve as tooth roots to stabilize your prosthetic teeth in the jawbone, are also associated with less invasive and more comfortable treatment.

Who is a good candidate for one-piece implants?

Many different types of patients have enjoyed the one-piece/same-day implant difference! Hundreds of thousands of these innovative artificial tooth roots have been placed since they were first developed in the 1960s. They may also be the only way for some patients to get implants. Patients with existing bone loss or those who prefer to avoid additional procedures or more invasive treatments appreciate having this option.

Are these implants just as “good” as the conventional, two-piece ones?

Yes! Like standard implants, our one-piece versions are made from titanium, an extraordinarily durable yet lightweight biocompatible/tissue-friendly material. They generally have a reported success rate of 94%, which compares favorably to the 90% to 95% success rate of their conventional counterparts.

How do you use one-piece implants?

These implants are incredibly versatile! They may be an appropriate option for patients who need to replace a single tooth with an implant-supported crown. Or, they may be used to support many more prosthetic teeth. We can replace several teeth with an implant-supported bridge. This type of bridge is stabilized by a few precisely (and strategically) placed one-piece implants. A mouthful of missing teeth can also be rehabilitated entirely with our implant approach to dentures.

What can I expect from the process?

If Dr. St. Matthew-Daniel determines you are a good candidate, placing these tiny cylindrical posts is streamlined. After administering a small numbing anesthetic at the treatment sites, these implants are introduced as one piece through an opening in the tissue about the size of a grain of rice. You don’t have to wait to get your new teeth! Dr. St. Matthew-Daniel immediately “loads” the temporary crown, bridge, or denture with this minimally invasive, fast, and painless approach. Think of this step as jumpstarting the healing process and adjusting to your new implant-supported teeth. Be sure to follow any instructions for after-care and maintain follow-up appointments as advised by our dentist.

Why do All About Beautiful Smiles patients love one-piece implants?

Unlike their conventional two-piece counterparts, our patients in Orlando, FL, and beyond benefit from surgical placement of single-piece implants that are both straightforward and tissue-preserving. Due to the incredibly conservative nature of this implant placement, there is no aggressive or fear-inducing cutting, sutures, or stitches, and no need for additional bone grafting, sinus augmentation, and other surgical procedures. The lighter-touch nature of one-piece implants also promotes the most predictable, comfortable, and efficient healing of the jawbone to the implant. So, we can deliver smiles in a fraction of the time as traditional approaches – and at a fraction of the cost! The total expense is minimized since one-piece implants do not usually require costly sedation for comfort or additional components and procedures.

Now that you have a glimpse into truly transformative tooth replacement with implants, we welcome your specific questions! To reach our team and to schedule your implant consultation with Dr. St. Matthew-Daniel, call us today at (407) 954-8448.

Dr. St. Matthew-Daniel, All About Beautiful Smiles, FL

Dr. St. Matthew-Daniel, a highly skilled and accomplished dental luminary since 2005, leads All About Beautiful Smiles. Her expertise spans cosmetic dentistry, laser-based periodontal surgery, dental implants, Invisalign®, endodontics, and sleep apnea.

A University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine graduate, she pursued advanced training at Seton Hall University, gaining mastery. A pioneer in dental implantology, she holds a Mastership from The International Congress of Oral Implantology. Her passion for excellence led her to the Strupp Post Graduate School of Dentistry and the Misch Implant Institute. Driven by service, she founded the Future Dentists Club. Trust her for a remarkable dental journey!