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With over 20,000 beaming smiles transformed since 2005, we have received numerous reviews praising our friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art dental treatments. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our Orlando, FL, dental office.

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Love and Appreciation from Our Patients!
Listen to this patient describe how All About Beautiful Smiles has changed her life. She loves visiting the dental office in Orlando, FL, for its calm, amazing environment, the wonderful staff, and the way she is treated like family. Her improved smile has given her the confidence to forge ahead in her business. She would recommend the practice to anyone 1,000 percent!

My name is Caroline Buendia. I’ve been going here for a few years, and it’s my favorite place to go.

It’s changed my life! In my dental experience, It’s been amazing. From the moment I enter, it’s just serene. It’s so calm. The environment is amazing. The staff is wonderful. They always make me feel like family. My life has changed tremendously in the fact that now I use my smile for my business. So I do trade shows now. So my smile’s so important to attract clientele and to get my business going and get clients to speak. And I speak freely and confidently now. So it really, really has improved my way of life.

I think from the moment you enter the offices, you have the smiles from everyone that comes in here. There’s a genuine energy of delight. I mean, they give you fresh squeezed orange juice as you walk in. So I mean, that by itself is just on another level. I always feel top-tier. I always feel like I’m going to somewhere very spectacular, not just the dentist. I’m actually feeling like I’m going somewhere where it’s really important, and it makes me feel good, and I feel like I’m doing something to better myself when I get here.

Would you recommend us to your peers and friends?

A thousand percent, yes. And I do have people that I know that have come here, and they always thank me a thousand times over just for the experience and for the knowledge and for how they treat you here. I highly recommend it here. And I honestly feel like my life has changed completely since I started coming here.